European Elite Allstars Basketball Academy

European Elite: Year One

2007-08 the European Elite Basketball Academy was created to give the boys of northeast Schleswig-Holstein the opportunity to learn and play at a higher level. The formation lead to participation in three international tournaments, domination of BVSH`s top U14m league, defeating some of the Hamburg Association`s top teams, and finishing the year in Göttingen`s Northern Regional Tournament against the champions of Berlin, Niedersachsen and Hamburg. Going from the beginning with nothing to play against the best in Germany. Quite a beginning.
Now we start year two. As our boys grow older, we seek new tests. First we will bring in the best visiting coaches possible. Starting with Tom Sneeman, FIBA`s touring professional coach, whoes main job is helping international basketball programs develop. Second, we will search for new and better competition, scaling back our local league schedule to build a more international one. Third, be more selective in choosing tournaments to compete in. Deleting the weaker, more fun type, for more competitive ones.
While changing our competitive situation, our goals will remain focused. We want to be better than last year. We want our boys to be better in school, stronger in character, and, of course, better on the court.
This year big test, hopefully, will come in April, as we will attempt to finish the year with an American tour. Which of course will depend on several conditions that we can not control at this moment.
Stay with and follow the excitement that is EUROPEAN ELITE BASKETBALL.
Bob Alexander, Head Coach                                                              Summer 2008

Home of the European Elite Allstars

Located in northern Germany with a sister club in Trogir Croatia. Head coach and International Director: Bob Alexander Memberships:  Boys born 1991 and younger from Germany and Croatia.

Purpose:  Educate the youth in the art and knowledge of playing and growing as a basketball player. Giving talented players the opportunities to learn and participate at the highest levels possible. To research tournaments, non-league games, clinics, and skill camps, for the players.
  Help players stiving to play at university levels, or potentially professional level. To develope the mental and physical discipline necessary to be successful in life as well as sport. To learn teamwork, dealing with winning and losing, develop leadership, and focus to task. Understanding that winning and losing can take many forms.

Bob Alexander, Head Coach                                                              Summer 2007

Practice times are: Monday
  Wednesday 1430-1600
  Thursday 1745-1900
  Friday 1900-2030
  Sat-Sun Weekly schedules