European Elite Allstars Basketball Academy

 “You can tell the character of a village by how they treat their children      
                                                                      American Indian proverb.        

The EEA was created to fill a void in the German Basketball educational system. In checking the youth international tournaments in Europe, Germany constantly can be found in the lower middle, or in the B groups.

EEA now puts the youth FIRST.

The most experienced coaches, best facilities, most training times, finding the competitions, and building the best student-atheletes. We will offer the youth every opportunity to max out, that they desire. We will be in the hall for them as much as they want and can handle. If you have the love, the fire, the motivation to dream and reach for the stars, contact us for a tryout. Do not worry how good you are now, it is about where you will be in 4-5 years. We will be totally honest about your potential.

Visit us at the listed practice times. All practices are given in English.

Robert G. Alexander  
Head Coach and International Director  

Lastly, EEA tour teams are ready to host, or visit any club with in range, for friendship Games, practices or clinics.

Feel free to contact us about our camp schedules as well.
Next scheduled camp will be March 24-29 2008. Individuals as well as teams are Invited.